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It’s been a year since my trip there, having hard time to collate so many pictures I got and been busy on my work, as you may see, I have a lot of back log of my blog >_< sorry readers =3 but here it goes, won’t let this take long.

Dubai, my first time trip to Middle East. As they say, Dubai is one of the most expensive city in the world and also the best place to live.  Well, I can say is ‘yes’ it is the best place to live.  You can see a lot of different people from other country working there.  As tour guide, as sales personnel and other more.

Took connecting flight to Dubai since PAL haven’t offering straight flight to Dubai yet.  But this 2014,they offer now, which can only take you there in less than a day.

Flight trip to Thailand,which is our connecting flight to Dubai


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First thing first.  Hello Guys~ I really apologize about not making up this February.  I got sick again and took rest.  I don’t know why as this year enters, I get sick easily >_< is this a sign that I should take care of myself more than before :3  but anyways, I’ve been busy recently because I’ll be participating a bazaar event (this coming weekend February 22-23, 2014).  Been very busy these past weeks for the preparation and inventory.

For the heads up also, I just want to clear things out regarding my future reviews and swatches post. Okay, here goes. I am not a pro but just a mere regular person who loves polishes, make ups, perfumes, fashion and so forth.  Reviews and Swatches are just only my opinion.  I can be right or I can be wrong during my post, you can always post your comment(s) below to correct me.  I am always open for discussion specially related to my post and for the improvement sake.  You don’t need to be  rude or bash that I am not good at it or I am wrong.  Like I said, I am not a pro for these kinds of things. I just want to share my opinion and thoughts to all the people in world regarding the swatches that my eyes sees or my nose smell.  Each person have different perspective, different eyes to see the colors and different nose in smelling.

I’ll be back after the bazaar~ see you next week guys~


Hello there readers, my short update again here :) sorry for the hiatus mode after my recent update.  I took rest most of the time for my full recovery.  Now my cold is mostly better only sniffin’ left :p I will be back on February :)  And yes, as the title says, I’ll be blogging few articles about reviews and swatches.  This is for something new and growth on my blog aside from blogging personal matters.  So this blog won’t be boring anymore XD  See you guys again~


Finished in less than 30min :p #proud lol #instapuzzle #random #2014gifts lovely keychain indeed ü

Hello readers, I am sorry for a very long haitus mode.  This is just a short update of me :) After my vacation on December, New Year greeted me with sick :o so all I do was try to give myself a rest but work is not permitting me and some of my project as well.  So I even have to go to work even I’m a bit sick, just to cope up my workload.

This January, I might not blog (article wise) that much, Since I plan to rest fully so I can recover fully before Chinese New Year arrive.  Hope you guys had a great New Year as well :) See you guys around soon :)