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simple journal of a simple girl, who is Tumbling since 2008. Blogs anything under the sun. Hope that her blog interst the readers and enjoy reading as well (^.^)v
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This is what you get most of the time when you do #loomprojects with class A or china #loomboards and #loombands. Know why… #bloggingsoon on angelinyou.tumblr.com Good Night~ #angelinyoutumblr #linecamera #crafts #random #helloFriday

Yay! My 2nd GMarket arrive safely!! #decopic #linecamera #happy #happyMonday #helloMonday #GMarket #GMarket2014 #GMarketGlobal #random (at global.gmarket.com)

Warning another Photo Bomb!

And my May adventure starts now…


Got this Maleficent headgear on San Diego Downtown Disney!  Saw this headgear other Disney fan is wearing and I told myself, “shoot! I must have this one!” and glad I found it!  And only few stocks was left there. Lucky!  Thank you to my friend also, I was able to experience discount price during my Disney trip there at San Diego :)

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Few days left and closing my dubai trip.  Well, this post, has many parts, am sure some of you guys have been wondering when will this post end?  Because I only have my vacation there.  Yes! You guys are indeed right!  I just had my vacation there and vacation do end, unless I have lots and lots of money and days to spend at Dubai for long.  I only stayed there for a week.

Few days before we left for Dubai, We went to Atlantis, The Palm. Atlantis, The Palm has over 20 restaurants, have an aquarium exhibit with over 65,000 fish and sea creatures.


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This is a late post already :o but as they say, better late than never right? :D So here the story goes… It’s been a year or so (as you can see the date in the picture =p) that I was introduce to indie nail polish. I bump into fashion_creative_love on instagram.  Fashion_creative_love post anything creative on their Instagram account.  Anything fashionable and creative, whether clothes, accessories or polish and many more.  And on the 27th of April 2013, I saw their post about this polish (picture below) which I adore it so much. On their post, I was redirected to followthatway.


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