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simple journal of a simple girl, who is Tumbling since 2008. Blogs anything under the sun. Hope that her blog interst the readers and enjoy reading as well (^.^)v
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Okay, another short blog of mine XD  2 weeks ago, my friend Alodia Gosiengfiao (other people call her the Cosplay Queen / Goddess) have an event (26 July 2014). An event hosted by SM, the “Doll Glam Challenge”.  Tricia Gosigntian was also invited for that event.  Who would missed this top fashion/beauty/style blogger? 

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Whether she cries, feeling down or was hurt (including physical injuries), she still and always acts professional.  And that is my main reason, that I look up to BoA!  

It’s really not easy to become a star, whether KPop or JPop or any Pop artist.  She had a lot of tough times; she starts young in exchange of her normal life, she’s been through a lot, and I can see that in her.  Gladly she was strong and good people are beside her to guide her.  How I wish that I have her way of thinking during my young times as well.  She really inspires me in may ways.  As a young star, teenage girl, a growing up girl and as a lady.

I like her so much, I love her so much, I really idolize her, she’s my inspiration in my life.  Just don’t get me wrong, I am super fan of her but not in the direction of fandom madness. I really hope I can get to meet my idol one day.



The Queen of K-Pop, BoA is one of the most respected singers in the industry, and there’s no wonder why. From her early debut at age 13, charting immediately in South Korea.

However, her rise to stardom is riddled with struggles and hardships, one the singer uses in her emotional ballads and live performances. 

Check out 6 moments that showed us how inspirational BoA is!

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