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simple journal of a simple girl, who is Tumbling since 2008. Blogs anything under the sun. Hope that her blog interst the readers and enjoy reading as well (^.^)v
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And yes! I am still alive XD Upon promising that I will be posting some pics here in my blog, to show you guys that I am still alive :p I’m a bit hesitant in posting pic of 2-3x a week, why? Because others might thought that this is just a photo blog and not the ‘blog’ in their mind.  Well, just want to clear your mind out :D My blog is a combination of photo blog and regular blog :)  I somehow miss posting and because of my busy schedule I can only post pic most of the time and blog for few times, which makes me sad :( Well, hope next month will permit to do more interaction with you all :) Really thank you for dropping by my blog and spending time browsing my blog.

See you guys again~

I always wanted to experience festival in Japan!  I hope I can experience it one day, just like my friend Merei :)  I also want to wear Yukata also! wear it wholeday, walking around Japan :)  (*o*)


Summer is the season of fireworks in Japan!

Last month my dad decided to bring me to the summer festival around town (I live in Obama-shi, Fukui-ken). Every year they have a fireworks festival. The fireworks were astonishing! It was free for everyone. We were near the docks watching the beautiful fireworks. Some people also wore yukatas (and also me!). It was comfy despite the humid weather. I think the show lasted for 30 minutes and it was non stop. I wish I could attend another one in a neaby town but I have to go back to Manila that time. But probably next year I might plan to go back summer. Summer is a really great weather in Japan although the temperature is quite difficult to take in.

And these just came in hot 😬😬😬 bands from @official_rainbowloom #OfficialRainbowLoom #LimitedEdition #OnlineEdition more #loomprojects to come 😁😁😁 #happiness #linecamera

At last, worth the wait! 😁😁 I know this is now new anymore but am still happy to have my own @official_rainbowloom #OfficialRainbowLoom #MonsterTail thanks to my dear friend @nirvelli bringing this to me, all the way from US😘😘😘 much love😁😁 #friendship #love #linecamera #instaloom more #loomprojects 😁😁

😍😍😍 Love this so much! Saw the pattern by @tutorialsbya #tutorialsbya #youtube doing a set of it! All bands from @official_rainbowloom #OfficialRainbowLoom #loom #LoomBands #loomprojects #random #HappySunday #HelloSunday #SundayFunDay